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You can use this website to create and submit VAT returns (VAT Creator) or  to prepare your invoices (Invator), or both.


To create your VAT return, you just answer simple questions about your VAT registration and about your invoices and the Application does the math for you. Once you are finished, simply submit the VAT return online using our Application, print out the VAT return and follow our step by step payment directions.

This Application is designed by certified Czech accountants to be easy to use and completely accurate, up to date with the latest tax laws and guarantees correct calculations.

Additionally, the Application has been built using professional programmers to ensure the security of your information and never shares your information with anyone else.


All VAT returns are stored under your account, so you have all your past VAT returns in one place.


You can use the Application for the first month for free and find out if it is worth for you to use it.


You will need a databox for submitting your VAT returns. Go to FAQ if you are not sure what that means.


Should you have any questions along the way, you can contact our helpdesk via email at or by online chat.