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How the Application works:

How the INVATOR works?  (Basic steps)

The invator is an application which helps you create your invoices. It`s very easy:


1) register/log in

2) fill in the invoice details of an easy questionnaire

3) print/download or send the invoice to your client


You will always have your past invoices saved under your user account and you can transfer them to your VAT return if needed.

How VAT Creator works? (basic steps)

VAT Creator prepares and submits your VAT return. It`s very easy:


1) register/log in

2) fill in your personal data

3) download the invoice from Invator or fill in the details about your invoices to easy questionnaire

4) print/download the VAT return and send through your databox


You will always have your past VAT returns saved under your user account.

Why is the VAT Creator a unique application for the VAT returns?

The following are the main differences in comparison with similar applications:


We take care that your VAT return is done correctly.

The VAT Creator allows you to submit your VAT return online.

Help on chat and e-mail - are you not sure what to do? Ask us! We are here for you every workday between 9am - 3pm.

We will check your VAT return to make sure it is all right.

You will recieve detailed instructions what to do step by step after filling out the VAT return.



What can I do if I did not receive a registration email for access to the application?

Check your spam folder. If you can not find registration email there, than please contact our support:

Can I edit my tax return if I make a mistake?

Yes, you can go back to your tax return and easily correct all the data which are wrong.

There is no additional fee for this. All the changes can be done just before you submit the VAT return to the tax office.

After the submission of the VAT return to the tax office you can submit Corrective VAT return if and correct the mistake in the VAT return. You can use Corrective VAT return just before the deadline for the submission of the VAT return (25th day of following month). You can prepare the Corrective VAT return in our application by clicking on the (already submitted) VAT return.

You cant file Additional VAT return in our Application. If you need to do it, please contact the support desk (


Do I need a databox?

NO,  for using the Invator only or for creation of an invoices.

YES, you need a databox for submitting of VAT returns.

If you are VAT registered, you always need to file the VAT returns  electronically through the databox.

How to get a databox?

It`s easy. Go to any branch of CzechPoint. You need your ID and a trade licence for filling out the application.

They can also ask for czech address in case you don`t have permanent residency in CZ.

The databox will be set up within 3 days and you will receive login details by e-mail (if you have permanent residency) or by post.

You can find a list of Czech Point branches here:

Branches of Czechpoint

Can I use only the Invator and not the VAT Creator?

YES, you can pay only for using Invator or only for VAT Creator or both services for a discounted price.

You can find possibilities of membership and their prices at the top of the menu.

How to terminate my membership?

You can terminate your membership anytime after logging in to your user account and in the section part “Membership” you click on “Terminate membership” at the bottom.

If you will terminate your membership, you will not be able to create any invoices or VAT return, however you will have access to your past invoices and VAT returns.

Can invoices that are created in Invator be easily included in the VAT Creator?

YES. Invoices created in Invator can be easily transferred to the VAT return.

In VAT Creator module - in the section “Issued invoices” there is “Upload from Invator” option.

You will see window with your issued invoices a you can tick invoices which you want to transfer to your VAT return.

Can I use the application for preparation of the Corrective VAT returns?

YES, you can use this application for preparation of the Corrective (Opravné) VAT returns.

BUT it is not possible to use it for preparation of the Additional (Následné) VAT returns.

What is the difference between Corrective and Additional VAT returns?

Corrective VAT return you can use in case you need to correct already submitted tax return and it is still before the deadline for the submission of the tax return


Additional VAT return you have to submit in case you need to correct an already submitted tax return, but the deadline for submission has already passed.

For the submission of Additional VAT return you must use the Ministry of Finance website or contact our help desk  for help on

VAT, deadlines and payments:

I am late filing; can I still file a VAT return?

Yes, you can do it with our application; do it as soon as possible as the later you file the tax return the higher the penalty is for late payment.

The penalty is calculated from the due tax for each day of delay.

If your tax is zero, then there should be no penalty.

I am registered for VAT Light only. Can I use VAT Creator?

YES. You can use the VAT Creator as a VAT light person.

You tick the information that you are only a VAT light person in the tab “Personal data” after logging into your user account.

When do I have to register for VAT?

You must register for full VAT within 15 days after the end of the month in which you exceed the mandatory limit (which is a turnover 2.000.000 CZK in 12 months).

You must register for VAT light (Identifikovaná osoba) if you issue or receive invoices to a client or from a supplier registered for VAT in another EU country.

Under which circumstances can`t I use this application?

This application can be used by all Identified persons and also full VAT payers unless they are a subject of  the situations described below:


- Sale of cars to individuals outside CZ

- Provision of services to CZ clients under CZ Reverse charge system

- Sale of goods to individuals from another EU countries, where the limit for mandatory registration in other EU country was reached

- MOSS services

- Delivery of goods within EC territory in the form of triangular trade

- Movement of own assets within the EU


If you are not sure, whether you can use the VAT Creator for submitting you VAT returns, contact us at

What is the deadline for VAT submission?

The deadline for submission and payment of VAT is the 25th day of the month following the month for which the VAT return is prepared

(Example: VAT return for April must be submitted by 25 May. It is also necessary to pay tax due on this day).

How to pay the VAT?

Detailed instructions about the payment of due VAT will be included in the Summary letter which you receive from us together with the VAT return.

Other Information:

What can the CzechTaxesOnline support desk ( ) do for me?

We can register you at the tax office for VAT light and full VAT.
We can find out your DIC (tax number).
We can edit your data in the tax return, if you allow us to.
We can contact the tax office in case you need to contact them.
We can prepare a Corrective or an Additional VAT return.
We can trace your payment to our bank account.