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  • The reason for recurring payments is due to your interest in using the Invator or VAT creator application.
  • The maximum amount for recurring payments is 330kc when purchasing a combined membership for the Invator and VAT Creator.
  • The payment site GoPay is used for recurring payments. GoPay stores your bank card details in accordance with international security standards PCI-DSS level 1 (this is the highest level of data security in the processing of bank cards sector).
  • Your first payment, for verification purposes , will be only 1 czk.
  • The first membership payment will be made within 30 days from registering your bank card and then every following month.
  • By purchasing membership you agree to repeat payments for the period of every 1 month and the fixed amount depending on your type of membership.
  • You can change your membership at any time in the future or cancel it by clicking Deactivate.
  • Please read the business conditions carefully.