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Key features

100% accurate calculation
of errors
Online submission of VAT
Chat support
Data kept confidental
Vat ledger
& EU sales list
Easy questionnaire
instructions included



We make regular updates of the Application to follow closely the czech tax law and to give you  100% correct calculations.


Calculations are made automatically; you just need to input data from your invoices.


VAT is calculated and reported in correct forms and lines by our Application.


Forms are up to date with current legislation.


The Application was prepared by Certfied accountant and was designed for expats and foreigners.


We make regular updates of the Application to follow closely the Czech tax law and to give you 100% correct calculations.


The Application was tested on hundreds of VAT returns to be error free.



You don`t need an accountant.


You will submit the VAT return directly through our Application.


Online submission is done through your databox.


You don`t need to print anything or go anywhere.


All can be done from your home or work place.


Are you lost? Do you need help?


You did not find the answer to your question in our FAQs?


Send an email to our support desk or chat with us.


We are on Chat all working days, ready to answer your questions!


We want you to be sure, you do everything correctly.


We will check your VAT return if you are not sure you did it correctly.


Don`t be affraid, VAT can be done by everybody!



All your data are strictly confidential and we protect them.


We fully comply with the GDPR legislation.


For details about GDPR please read our Privacy policy.


Our Application will prepare:


- VAT return (DPH přiznání)

- VAT ledger (Kontrolní hlášení)

-  EU sales list (Souhrnné hlášení)



All this is included in the price of your membership, you will not pay anything extra.


You don`t need to know anything about VAT!


 You will just answer easy questions about your business, personal data and details about your invoices.


You have possibility to edit your work later (you can edit your work anytime before the submission of VAT).


Submittion is done online throught your databox. 


You don`t need to print anything or go anywhere - all can be done from your home.


When you finish the VAT return, you will get the Summary letter.


Summary letter contains detailed instructions about the payment of due VAT.


You will know how much you should pay and where to send the money.


If there is no VAT to pay, we will let you know.


The deadlines for payments are also included in the Summary letter.

Is this application suitable for me? Close

This Application can be used by all Identified persons (VAT Light = “Identifikovaná osoba”) and also Full VAT payers (“plátce DPH”) for the PREPARATION and SUBMISSION OF VAT RETURNS unless you are subject of the situations described below.


Everybody can use this Application for the preparation of INVOICES. It is very easy.


If you are not sure, whether you can use VAT CREATOR for submission of your VAT returns or not, fill in this questionnaire and we will let you know!

Situations, when the Application is not suitable for me:
  • Sale of cars to individuals outside CZ
  • Provision of services to CZ clients under CZ Reverse charge system
  • Sale of goods to individuals from other EU countries, where the limit for mandatory registration in other EU country was reached
  • Provision of VAT free services where coefficient for lowering VAT on input is used
  • OSS services or goods
  • Delivery of goods within EC territory in the form of triangular trade
  • Movement of own assets within EU